Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How far ahead should I give notice of my order?
In a perfect world, this would not be an issue.  However, being that we are not there, a minimum of three days notice should be enough time to complete a normal order.  If your order is a large order, I would need at least a weeks notice.  However, do keep in mind, the sooner you inform me, the better for everyone.

Q:  What if I want something not offered?
Please use the Contact form to inquire about that item.  I will review the inquiry, and then reach out to you via phone (if included) or email.  Do verify that your email is correct and operational.

Q:  At one time, I saw cookies.  Where are the cookies?
You are correct.  Cookies were being tested.  Cookies are coming.  I am still working on them.  With so much going on, I had to place them on hold for the moment.  Before you know it, you will see cookies on the list.

Q:  Your cakes are beautiful but do they taste good too?
None of my cakes are made, then frozen, and thawed out when needed.  All of my cakes are made to order using fresh ingredients right down to the flour, sugar, milk, etc.   This means my cakes not only look beautiful but taste good as well.

Q:  Do you ship your decorated cakes?
I would love to say yes.  However, due to the delicate nature of decorated cakes, I cannot ship them.  There are a few cakes that I make (Pound, Rum, Socket-To-Me, and any cake made in a bundt pan) that would probably make it to your location safely.

Q:  What is include in the price?

Pricing for Cakes and Cupcakes includes basic decorations (frosting, borders, and trim).  Anything outside that is considered an extra charge.

Q:  If I need help placing an order, what should I do?
If you need help or just have a general question, you can always use the contact form located at the top of every page.  You can also reach me by emailing me at bccakes@benjamincross.com.

Q:  I noticed you require an email address, phone number, etc. when placing an order.  Why?
I only collect this information from customers when they are placing an order.  This information is gathered to verify that I am communicating with the person that placed the order.  There are times when I’ve called or emailed a customer to clarify the order placed.  No one wants the wrong dessert.  When there are promotions or specials, I will use the emails collected to inform customers of the event.  Please note I do not automatically collect any information from my website visitors.   Visitors that use the contact form, at a minimum, must enter their name and email address.